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Best of Class Mineral Sunscreen Product Line Poised for Breakout Growth

Best of Class Mineral Sunscreen Product Line Poised for Breakout Growth

LOCATION: California

ASKING PRICE: $1,200,000

REVENUE: $827,168 (2022)

EBITDA: $344,722 (3Yr. Average)

Marketplace: The Company’s high quality mineral sunscreen is an appealing platform for a number of varied types of entities including health-conscious beauty/cosmetics firms. The global sunscreen cream market size amounted to about 8.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and forecasted to reach over 10.7 billion U.S dollars by 2024 (Statista). Most of the volume top-selling sunscreen products in the marketplace are chemical sunscreens. Chemical Sunscreens are absorbed into your skin and act as UV absorbers – meaning they trap the sun's harmful rays and hold it against your skin. Non-Nano Mineral sunscreens (also called Physical Sunscreens) sit on your skin’s surface and form a protective barrier or shield. The Company’s sunscreen product line is a non-nano mineral, high concentration zinc-oxide sunscreen that delivers optimum performance and is environmentally reef safe (non-nano).

Product Line History: The Company (founded 2014) invested substantial amounts of resources over numerous years of technological research formulation and testing to create its sunscreen product, which combines the protective power of zinc oxide with the aesthetics of a luxury skincare line. The Company is (1) the first Zinc-Oxide only sunscreen to achieve SPF50 efficacy without any booster ingredients and, (2) the first Non-Nano Zinc-Oxide sunscreen that goes on transparent without being absorbed into the skin/bloodstream. The Company uses the highest quality zinc with superior moisturizers to produce aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, non-greasy, transparent zinc protection as well as being water resistant and very suitable as make-up foundation.

IP & Marketing Strengths: The technologist that created the Company’s intellectual property is a globally renowned scientist in sunscreen formulation. The process that the Company invented is exclusive, unique, and would be extremely difficult to imitate or replicate. Along with the product line being a vibrant platform for a beauty/cosmetics company that is health conscious, it is a sunscreen that will protect the most extreme athletes in the most extreme conditions. It is also gentle enough to protect babies, children, cancer radiation patients, and sun sensitive skin. These attributes support a deep and wide marketing appeal that may, if so elected, position for a branding campaign for achievement of significant revenue growth.

The Transaction: Founder wishes to sell the business to an acquirer that has the resources to progress the product line to its potential. The founder is open to arrangements for ongoing knowledge transfer via a post-closing time period of consultative support to the buyer of the product line.

Total # Inventory Value if Inventory Value if
Units Sold via the Web* G.P. % Sold to Resellers* G.P. %
103K $3MM 82% $1.5MM 65%

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