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We see your business through the “lens” of a buyer to maximize the value

Get the Best Value when you Sell Your Business

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Thinking of selling your company?

If you're a business owner with revenue between $2 and $50 million, and you want to sell in the next 1 to 5 years, it's time to prepare NOW!

  • Over 80% of businesses for sale don't sell! That's because most owners aren't happy with the price they're being offered . . .

  • With a few simple strategic moves, you can make changes now to get a much higher value.

You want to avoid mistakes in preparation that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you want to be prepared for negotiating with those savvy buyers who know the "tricks of the trade."

Successful Business Sale Roadmap

Do you have a buyer and need help negotiating?

You need smart business exit planning

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Prepare for Maximum Value

Our proven 4P Multiple Maximizer Method will help you sell for a higher value (and the best terms) and attract the right qualified buyer.

We'll work with you, following our Value Maximizer Blueprint, to help you stay on track for achieving your Blueprint goals.

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Before-the-Sale Consulting

Are there specific areas you'd like to improve before you sell, i.e., clean up your books, improve your team, build sales or business development, implement better systems or processes? We can consult on a project basis to help maximize your business value. 

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Smart M&A Advisors

Partner with a consultative business broker  ̶  to help you prepare your business to maximize its value, and evaluate all of the options to ensure you meet your goals. We have preferred access to qualified buyers and a 10-year track record of successful sales.

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