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Consulting Before Selling a Company

Consulting M&A advisors

Maybe you've been thinking about what you'd like to improve as part of your business exit planning. It could include:

  • Cleaning up your books

  • Improving your team

  • Building sales or other business development

  • Implementing better systems or processes

  • Documenting your operating procedures

Financial Analysis
Small Business operations

We can help you prepare to sell a business

If you're a small business with revenue between $2 and $50 million, we can work with you hourly or on a project basis to give you the most expert advice and prepare you for selling a company.

Our expertise includes . . .

  • Financial analysis, accounting, and tax planning

  • Global financial management

  • Operations restructuring

  • Efficiency improvement

  • Small business operations

  • Introduction of new revenue streams

  • Marketing

Selling your business
Reliable M&A advisor
Introduction of new revenue streams
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