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Sales Road Map

Successful Business Sale Roadmap

5 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Business

If you're a business owner, you want to maximize the value of your business when you exit. The Successful Business Sale Roadmap takes you through a proprietary 5-step process to help prepare you to get the value you want.

1. Define Your Personal Goals

We'll talk about your financial, charitable, and family goals, and more.

2. Define Your Business Goals

What do you need from your business? Money, personal growth, legacy, etc.

3. Estimate the Value of Your Business Now

What's the current market value? How does that compare to what you need?

4. "Five D" Backup Plan

What happens if things don't go according to plan? The "Five D's" -- death, disability, disaster, divorce, or disgreement -- will affect over 50% of all business owners over the age of 50:

5. Roadmap to Achieve Goals

We create a plan to achieve your goals and how to stay on track.

Your Successful Sale Roadmap Results

You'll come away with:

1. More clarity around your goals

2. A valuation for your business (BOV -- a Broker's Opinion of Value)

3. Recommendations for your Five D Backup Plan

4. A Roadmap to maximize your business value

And a plan to accomplish your goals, including financial modeling for analyzing strategies.

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