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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors — "Consultative Brokers"

What to look for in an M&A advisor

There are overlooked differences between "transactional" and "consultative" business brokers — and not knowing those differences can cost you thousands of dollars. You want a proven advisor . . .

  • A Consultative Broker with a proven system to maximize the value you'll get when you sell

  • Consultative Broker with preferred access to qualified buyers

  • Track record of success with other businesses in your industry — and able to sell for higher than expected. (We have participated in 100+ successful sales at maximum multipliers.)

  • Proven framework combined with one-on-one consulting on how to tell the right story

  • Deep accounting/CPA experience

  • Deep analysis and understanding of your needs, current market conditions and enhanced ability to help you — even if you aren't prepared or positioned to sell immediately.

when you have an identified buyer

What is a "Consultative Business Broker"?

Some small business brokers are "transactional brokers." They can handle the sale of your business — IF you're really ready to sell now for today's price. But for business owners who don't prepare ahead of time for the sale of the business, you could end up selling for pennies on the dollar.

  • Some owners start so late, they can't change the business — and end up leaving money on the table

  • Some have to settle for 50% of their original valuation — or less

A "Consultative Broker" works to prepare your business, so you can meet your goals when it's actually time to sell. Consultative Brokers help you make changes to get a higher value (including cleaning up your books, restructuring operations, creating new revenue streams, and more).
We help you create a business exit strategy. (That's why we call ourselves "mergers and acquisitions advisors.") If you're a small business owner with revenue between $2 and $50 million, we can help.

How to choose the right M&A advisor for your small business

Consultative Broker

  • Helps prepare your business for sale

  • Helps you make changes to get a higher value

  • Expert on financials and accounting to help buyers see where the value is

  • Helps you evaluate all the options for selling (third party, employee, family, etc.)

  • Can help you allocate proceeds to lower taxes and increase your net cash

  • Has deep databases of qualified buyers

  • Works to find strategic buyers

Transactional Broker

  • Handles just the sale of your business

  • No restructuring or changes to your business

  • May not have deep accounting knowledge

  • May not have experience with different deal terms and ways to structure a deal

  • You'll spend more time managing the deal

  • You'll have to settle for whatever price you can get today

  • Sells to outside third parties only

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