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Business Exit Strategy in 4 Steps

4P Multiple Maximizer Method

Buyers are pros at finding ways to drive down the price your business. In many ways selling a small business tends to be "rigged" against the seller.

Our proprietary 4P Multiple Maximizer Method not only helps salvage many sales — but also leads to higher valuations, premium positioning, and better terms.

We developed it after seeing dozens of common mistakes owners make that cost them hundreds of thousands (to millions) of dollars. And those mistakes include not being properly prepared . . . to accidentally sabotaging the sale.

Designed for your small business with revenue of $2 to $50 million if you plan to sell your business within the next 1 to 5 years.

We'll take you through the 4P steps, from planning a successful business exit strategy — to helping you execute it.

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  • A Consultative Business Broker with a proven system maximizes the value you'll get when you sell a business.

  • The devil is in the details. "Fine print" can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Preparing your business pre-sale can significantly increase your sales price and lower the risk of getting the business back in terrible shape.

  • Our 4P Method has produced over 100 successful sales at Maximized Multipliers.

Step One: The Plan 

Successful Business Sale Roadmap to prepare your business

Readiness assessments: Why are you selling? How much do you need? What is your plan after the sale? Do you have clean books? Are you replaceable? Is your industry in demand? Are there buyers actively searching? Is buyer financing available?

You'll go through our proven 5-step planning process, to include: a review of your personal and business goals, a business valuation, a back-up plan for the "5 Ds" (death, disability, disaster, divorce and disagreement — which strike 50% of business owners over 50), and a roadmap to achieve your desired value.

Step Two: Plan Check-Ups

Value Trainer Program to keep your preparation Blueprint on track

Your goal is to prepare your books, processes, and systems to tell the right "selling story."Monthly check-ups and quarterly examinations help you evaluate both qualitative and quantitative key measurables.

We help you stay on track as you prepare your business for a successful future sale.

Step Three: The Sale

Brokering your business to attract buyers in the right price range

We'll market your business to help find the right buyer, drive multiple offers, and negotiate the best terms.

We put your business on equal footing with sophisticated buyers and savvy negotiators who flip businesses for a living and we help you navigate through the "fine print" that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Step Four: Passing the Torch

Successful closing that avoids problems with the new owner

Our "Close-Out Package" helps you make sure you've communicated with all parties (employees, vendors, suppliers, customers), and completed all of the steps required to properly close down the entity.

You want to set your business up for success post-sale — to ensure you don't get the business back, get full payout, and minimize the risk of post-sale litigation.
Planning of your exit strategy

Plan your exit strategy to see your business through the lens of a buyer

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