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Breakthrough SaaS Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring

Breakthrough SaaS Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring

LOCATION: California


REVENUE: $1.1 M (2022)


The Company has created patented protected, breakthrough, healthcare software and know-how that enable pairing ease to end-user patients’ smartphones for the purpose of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and clinical research. The Company has identified applicable Bluetooth medical devices (e.g., blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucose meter, etc.) to provide the best in class/cost effective devices for patients to remotely connect with their physicians and with clinical research organizations (CROs). With the Company’s goal of providing a one-stop shop for remote monitoring, it has secured a reliable devices ecosystem to complement and support to its SaaS recurring revenue model.

The RPM sector has experienced rapid growth over the last number of years. The global telehealth market is projected to be worth over $310 billion in 2030 (Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 45.1% from 2022 to 2030). With the advent of the pandemic, a paradigm shift began to take place in numerous sectors – but especially with the healthcare industry where patients dramatically increased their usage of telehealth to obtain services from their respective healthcare providers. Notable larger entities in the sector have offered difficult Bluetooth pairing (“first sync”) for end-user patients and challenging requirements to use a specific app/cloud.
Marketing Strengths:
To enhance the ease of adoption of its SaaS/one-stop shopping model, the Company has wrapped in reliable third-party manufacturing and distribution sources. With the acceptance traction of its medical devices offering platform, the Company has secured significant going forward, contractual and strategic alliance RPM and CRO arrangements with entities comprising large numbers of telehealth patients (incl. recurring subscription revenue). The integration of these critical masses of end-users represents multi-million revenue dollars for the Company over the next few years and includes the world’s largest CRO as well as notable, first-class academic institutions.

The Transaction:
The Company’s founder is a wireless industry veteran and highly credentialed creator and developer of healthcare software applications. The founder does not wish to build a large marketing and operating entity. He prefers to have an established or emerging distributor acquire the Company. The Founder is quite willing to stay on as a knowledge source and high-level champion of the Company’s SaaS model.


Lamar Rutherford, MBA

CA DRE 01902129

Lamar Rutherford


1138 Virginia Way, La Jolla, CA 92037
United States

+1 619-333-6296
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