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Medical Technology Opportunity, Ready to Scale

Medical Technology Opportunity, Ready to Scale

LOCATION: California

ASKING PRICE: $300,000



Premier solution for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). A fast, simple and accessible solution for patients and healthcare providers. A turnkey platform support with no impact to workflow. This efficient portal is easy to use, safe and secure. Remote patient monitoring was a concept foreign to most individuals before the health crisis, but is rapidly changing as providers increasingly adopt the service and enroll their patients. An innovative remote patient monitoring coaching system that increase patient satisfaction and connection between visits. Also, reduces admission and visits complications by improving clinical outcomes guided by real time patient data. A multi-tenant architecture platform available to all health care organizations regardless of their size.

Support & Training:
Owner will train for an agreed amount of time for a smooth transition. Owner has changed their investment strategy and is divesting this type of business. They are looking for another company who could use the software and the businesses previous experience in the industry to build a successful RPM company or business unit.

Market & Competition:
Leading driver of the nation´s $ 3.8 trillion in annual health care cost. Health care providers are actively looking for a RPM solution. Estimated market will be $ 117 billion and 70.6 million patients by 2025.
Growth & Expansion: Partner with other medical technological resellers. Pair with a manufacturer to produce to produce owned devices. Focus on Home Health Systems or Companies
Reasons for Selling: Looking for another company to use the software and previous experience to build a successful RPM company or business unit.


Jordi Lanatta

CA DRE 02209994


Lamar Rutherford


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1138 Virginia Way, La Jolla, CA 92037
United States

+1 619-333-6296
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