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  • Lamar Rutherford

Ultra-Personalized Valuation | Unlock Hidden Market Value

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Together with partners, we co-created the CAS Strategy Solution to match the complexity of an uncertain future. Our first co-created product, Ultra-Personalized Valuation (UPV) is designed to unlock hidden market value of individual, business, and organizational assets.

In an uncertain world, business models have been disrupted by supply chain challenges, shifting consumer lifestyles, and now a pending economic downturn. Many micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSME) are either looking for a way out or a way to adapt.

UPV discovers hidden assets (character, competencies, relationships, processes) and their potential value from the customers' perspective as a side effect of everyday business activities.

Business valuation from Excellens Solutions

Steps to business valuation

  • For distressed organizations looking to sell, don't sell yourself short.

  • For organizations who see opportunity to adapt, discover unique market opportunities.

Limited time offering | VIP Access for 10 businesses

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  • your voice heard to get the features you want built in

Traditional book valuation methods only capture tangible value that exists today, such as cash flow and inventory. Not to mention the work, time, and frustration that goes into collecting massive amounts of (not completely useful) data. The result is a lose-lose for both the inquiring business and the business advisor/valuator.

Traditional business valuation


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